This is a list of the characters.

WARNING: Characters that appear once or make cameos don't count.

Main charactersEdit


  • = characters who made their first appearance in Season 1.

Romance = characters who made their first appearance in Season 2.
FutureVision = characters who will appear in the future.

Character Based on manga's Based on first anime's Voiced by
Usagi Tsukino\Sailor Moon\Princess Serenity* Usagi Tsukino\ Sailor Moon\
Princess Serenity\Neo-Queen Serenity
The same Kotono  Mitsuishi
Ami Mizuno\Sailor Mercury\Princess Mercury* Ami Mizuno\Sailor Mercury\
Princess Mercury
The same  Hisako Kanemoto
Rei Hino\Sailor Mars\Princess Mars* Rei Hino\Sailor Mars\
Princess Mars
The same Rina Sato
Makoto Kino\Sailor Jupiter\Princess Jupiter* Makoto Kino\Sailor Jupiter\
Princess Jupiter
The same Ami Koshimizu
Minako Aino\Sailor Venus\Sailor V\Princess Venus* Minako Aino\Sailor Venus\
Sailor V\Princess Venus
The same Shizuka Ito
Luna* Luna The same Ryo Hirohashi
Artemis* Artemis The same Youhei Ooba
Queen Serenity* Queen Serenity The same Mami Koyoma
Mamoru Chiba\Tuxedo Mask\Prince Endymion* Mamoru Chiba\Tuxedo Mask\
Prince Endymion\King Endymion
The same Kenji Nojima
Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino\Sailor Chibi MoonRomance Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino\Sailor Chibi Moon\
Small Lady Serenity Princess Usagi
The same  Misato Fukuen
Sailor PlutoRomance Setsuna Meiou\Sailor Pluto\
Princess Pluto
The same Ai Maeda

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